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Baybayinistas can voice their opinions as innovators, educators, influencers, entrepreneurs, writers or bloggers, and digital citizens. We do it because “You matter, I matter, We matter” and we want to keep our reporting as open as we can.

You can share your views, stories, photos, and videos here as a contributor promoting Baybayin or just simply share any Baybayin Spotted moment you have anytime anywhere.

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For any article, always get permission from persons before photographing or filming.

Use your own material if you can produce it. But for any image and video that doesn’t belong to you, please get permission or acknowledge the source [copyright holder’s name and site’s name].

Once submitted, your article will be considered by the site editor and if it’s noteworthy on initial screening for us, it will be published.

Be sensitive and treat our readers with courtesy. Let them know that you value their perspective and judgment. Consider any group as a reader and please obtain consent from parents or guardian when you use children in any article, photo, or video.

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