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Imagine what we can do with Baybayin as a mark and brand. Limitless!

Our contributors are active, innovative, and creative in promoting Baybayin everywhere, online and offline, so we are inviting you to join a dynamic group, the Baybayinistas, that has changed the way we communicate information and style.


Baybayin Marks or Tatak Baybayin Movement

Sulong Baybayin Abril 21 (SBA21) movers celebrate the 1117th anniversary of the Laguna Copperplate Inscription (LCI) in April 21, 2017 is looking for zealous, well-informed, talented Mambabaybay people who’ll join the ranks of leaders and take part in our Tatak Baybayin movement that’s trending nowadays on social media.

You will team up with Baybayinistas across social media platforms and provide Baybayin-related information that confirms our tagline and goal [Baybayin Is Everywhere!].

Your responsibilities include:

  • Passion for learning and teaching the Baybayin script
  • Proactive lifestyle in developing your own Baybayin mark [Tatak Baybayin]
  • Willingness to promote Baybayin everywhere


Baybayin Spotted Moments

Baybayin Spotted moments are individual, anytime, anywhere encounters with Baybayin. Your keen interest for the script makes you aware and curious of its use everywhere. So if you have any Baybayin sighting, especially for aged artifacts with Baybayin characters, please share your Baybayin Spotted moment with us.

Baybayin in the news on CNN Philippines
Lupang Hinirang Animated Lyrics in Baybayin HD on YouTube
Baybayin in fashion from Preview Magazine facebook page


We are dedicated to reaching more audience and, obviously, we’re everywhere! Baybayinistas have revolutionized the way Filipinos communicate and now we’re changing their art, writing, and fashion lifestyles.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you can connect with us. Make your mark today!