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Doodling, like Baybayin, promotes free expression. So is now opening a Baybayin Butingting gallery for doodle artists, beginner or advanced.

There are a lot of ways you can do with Baybayin when you love it as much as we do. And we are encouraging you to create a doodle art with these Baybayin characters:

Using Baybayin as a theme plus your intense imagination, you can join us in drawing cool, appealing, seasonable, and awesome doodle art that we can publish, share and enjoy with any age group in mind. Here’s our Baybayin doodle sample on a 960×384 pixels canvas:

We are going to celebrate exciting events and support interesting subjects. If you have that creative juice within you, we would like to hear your idea or just submit your doodle art to us at and, after assessment, we will showcase them here.¬†Watch out for our Annual Baybayin Butingting Contest and win great prizes and awards. Stay tuned! That’s it, just doodle!