Dr. Ramon Guillermo on 3 Baybayin Studies

On November 11, 2017, Dr. Jean-Paul Potet gave Baybayin Foundry members a glimpse of 3 Baybayin Studies. Although he cannot actually remember the contents of the book because of his age, still, he is being honoured as a guiding influence by the four authors, namely Drs. Ramon Guillermo, Maricor Soriano,

Baybayin and Filipino Brands

In 2015, illustrators Vincent Africa and Lloyd Zapanta recreated popular Filipino brands with Baybayin characters. This 2017, Tim Liwanag joins them in their successful venture. Here's Mr. Tim's attempt at logo mock-ups. Can you recognize or name each brand? Now Baybayinista.com is inviting Mambabaybay artists everywhere to submit their very own logo

BAYBAYINISTA.COM: Baybayin Is Everywhere!

BAYBAYIN IS EVERYWHERE! That's our tagline for the new Baybayinista.com website. But why Baybayinista? Well, Baybayin people are here to stay; they're here, there, or everywhere. Baybayinistas promote Baybayin as a living script. We are a community. We are continuing the legacy of its inventors as heirs, users, advocates, artists, educators and